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Developing Features

National Defense University is the highest level of educational institute for the armed forces. The purpose of education was to foster leadership in the armed forces for the preparation of war. Meanwhile, the school is founded also for the purpose of training teaching personnel that specialize in strategic and international studies. Adhering to the school’s ideology, GISS’s educational objectives are to foster talents in the field of strategic and international studies who are able to think independently. It is also GISS’s goal to strengthen the ties between officers and officials by establishing a platform for military academic exchanges via the admission of middle and high ranking officials. This, organizational effectiveness is enhanced with the integration of military and academics.

The main features of GISS’s future development are to build up military capability, expand the horizon and develop the independent thinking capability of students’ at military expense, equip middle and high ranking officers with a macro strategic perspective beholding global situations that concern regional security, and motivate the globalization and modernization of our armed forces. Furthermore, the admission of academic students is to foster officials who are knowledgeable about national security. These academic students will serve as the facilitator and foundation of fine military academic collaboration in the future. That said, course outline of GISS is set to bestow middle or high ranking military officers or academic students with necessary knowledge in strategy studies and national defense theories. Through fruitful in-class discussions, students will develop the capability to think independently which will allow them to easily perceive and analyze international affairs. They are also trained to be decisive with their judgements which will enable them to cope with any emergency or incident of national security or national defense. In terms of academic studies, emphasis is placed on the five main courses which are “War Studies”, “National Strategy”, “Study of the Chinese Communists”, “International Relations” and “Decision-Making and Management of National Defense”. Students are required to conduct research on national development and national defense. Suggestions are made to current national defense policies by identifying strengths and problems in our military capability-building policies with dissertations.

For academic students, class plan includes workshops and visits to units of the armed forces to give them a better understanding on the status quo of our national defense. By doing so, future national defense policies will adhere more closely to the actual military operation. Therefore, national defense operation will be able to run smoothly. In terms of dissertation and research, emphasis is placed on cultivating students’ interest in national defense and international relations. Students are encouraged to study in-depth on a wide range of topics in strategic and international studies. Through conducting researches and working on dissertations, students can identify their strengths and passion and invest in a particular research project.

Features of GISS Development in short:

●  Admit students who are middle or high ranking officials from national defense related departments and units at public expense to facilitate military academic exchange and collaboration.

●  Admission is diversified. Students at public expense are determined according to the top fifteen candidates based on the result of the War College entrance exam. These students are also simultaneously admitted to the Graduate Institute of the Strategic Studies master program. After completing the one-year-and-eight-month study, students are awarded both degrees from the War College Regular Course and the GISS master program.

●  Research Center of Strategic Studies is a think tank established to offer resources to the school and the Ministry of Defense by collaborating teaching personnel and graduate students in various academic projects. 

●  An international strategic studies program is established. Students can select courses freely and engage in the same group routine that facilitates military diplomacy and broadens students’ horizon.

●  GISS boasts the most abundant teaching resources in national defense and strategic studies in the country. Students can participate in academic seminars at the Army, Naval and Air Force Command and Staff College where academic resources are ample.

The international strategic studies program largely welcomes military officials sent by the allies of the Republic of China. It is to facilitate international exchanges and strengthen military diplomatic ties. Therefore, the objective of the international program is to equip students with capability in strategic planning, interdisciplinary integration, independent thinking and security policy-making. The end goal is to foster leading military officers and officials who are well-rounded and knowledgeable in both academic theories and military practices so as to build a cooperative military academic platform.