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Educational Purpose

With the approbation of the Ministry of Education, the Graduate Institute of Strategic Studies (GISS) was established in 2006, offering college and graduate education. As this institute is subordinate to National Defense University under the supervision of the Ministry of National Defense, the objectives include not only bestowing necessary knowledge and skills upon graduate students but also the cultivation of middle and high ranking talents in strategic studies. GISS is also dedicated to make sure that students’ academic knowledge and strategic literacy are equally valued.

Among all the schools in the field of strategic and international studies, GISS has the most abundant resources which include practical military resources as well as close ties with domestic and international academics. In addition to the three full-time professors, the rest of the teaching faculty consists of military instructors with doctoral degrees. Furthermore, GISS is already quite established in the field of theoretical studies, practical military cases, national security and national defense researches. Another strength of GISS is its subordination to the War College. Students’ will be able to connect with high ranking officers who have had plentiful practical experiences in strategic planning. In fact, these great minds are the instructors of this institute who best demonstrate and pass on the skills and knowledge on the conduct of war.

GISS also invites retired government officials and ambassadors to be adjunct lecturers. Just to name a few excellences, former Deputy Chief of the Ministry of National Defense Lin Chong-Pin has been our adjunct instructor teaching Beijing’s Strategy for more than five years. Former Ambassador to Sweden Chiu Jong-Jen has been teaching International Law as associate professor for over four years. Furthermore, Division Chief of the Ministry of National Defense and the Chief Military Instructor Digital Education both have doctoral degrees and teach in GISS with both theoretic and practical approaches.

In terms of subsidiary education, GISS takes students to the representative military units and military base to enhance their knowledge on military operations as it is closely related to extraordinary results in the studies of strategic planning, international affairs and practices, national security and national defense policy and other essentials studies regarding military politics and military sociology. Evidently, GISS has done a phenomenal job fostering exceptional talents of strategic planning.

The purpose of GISS is to foster qualified teaching personnel in strategic studies and ingenious military talents specialized in national security with a global perspective who can contribute to our national military capability. In terms of GISS’s development goals, in addition to the elevation of academic status in strategic and international studies, we also aim to equip students with independent thinking and research capability as they earn a master degree. A Strategic Research Center is established as a think tank that serves the Ministry of Defense. The Research Center also serves the purpose of facilitating military collaborations, holding international academic seminars and inviting foreign visiting scholars. It also closely collaborates with think tanks like Chengchi University Asia Pacific Security Council, Research Center of International Relations, Tamkang University Graduate Institute of Strategic Studies, Tsing Hua University Center for Asia Policy, Chung Hsing University Center of Strategic Studies on South Asia and the Middle East, etc. The collaborations lay the foundation of a military academic platform that allows middle and high ranking civic officials who are interested in strategic and international studies to learn from and exchange thoughts with the middle and high ranking graduate students studying in GISS. During such exchanges, military-academic gap and strength are identified, and a political and military alliance can be formed.

Political and Military Simulation course is conducted to train student officers and officials to tackle national security crisis and national emergencies. Furthermore, GISS collaborates with Tamkang University Graduate Institute of Strategic Studies to take turn organizing a national strategic societies joint political and military simulation. The simulation brings together relative departments in various universities with a shared goal. By looking at and actual implementation of national military strategies and the practices of international affairs, participants will learn about the sequence and impact of conflicts and proceed towards becoming strategic decision makers that meet our country’s requirements.

Educational Purpose