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The Graduate Institute of Strategic Studies & International Affairs (GISS), which is a branch unit under the War College, offers Master Program domestically and internationally. The recognition of awarding Masters has been authorized by the Ministry of Education R.O.C. since 2006. Our mission is to cultivate postgraduates FOUR abilities: strategic studies, integration of inter-discipline, critical thinking, and design for security policy. 
In the Graduate Institute, we recruit three types of domestic postgraduate students: 
1. Study Master degree only for those military officers who have already finished the PME of War College;
2. Study both Master degree and War College at the same time for those outstanding military officers recruited by the War College program; 
3. Civil servants who work in security related governmental agencies.
In addition to the Master program taught in Chinese mandarin, in 2013, the NDU established International Master Program in Strategic Studies (IMPSS) placed under the Graduate Institute. Therefore, we have started recruiting international students since then. The recruitment is based on the principle of equality and reciprocity. IMPSS recruits and admits military officers, police officers and civil servants from foreign countries in accordance with availability and need in military diplomacy. However, it is necessary for the international applicants to be recommended by their governments in order to participate the recruitment scheme. The international students will serve in national security related positions once successfully accomplishing the degrees back to their countries.
GISS Director

GISS Director
Associate Professor
Shen, Ming-Shi